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Mike and I have been reading through our bibles each year for several years now, and we read it in Chronological order according to date and when it was written, not in the book order that it is placed in the bible. An example is that we might be reading through the prophets at the same time as Kings and Chronicles. Or we might read The first part of Genesis, skip to Job and then skip back to Genesis. In reading it this way it is VERY helpful to get a context of the prophets and what is going on with Israel or the surrounding countries. It is history. But by the time we get to the END of the Old Testament, my heart is THIRSTING to read the New Testament. It reminds me of the Psalm that says, "As the deer pants for the water so my soul LONGS for YOU! You alone are my strenght and shield, in you alone does my spirit yeild!" We have made it into the NT and my soul is being refreshed by reading the gospels. Today we read through part of the sermon on the mount. It offers

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