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Trying To Find The Words

The events of the last several weeks have shaken me in my Spirit and caused me to examine closely what scripture says in regards to how we relate to mankind. A few scriptures come to mind both in the Old and the New Testament regarding the issues of our day. Relating to Race. God cared DEEPLY about His Children that HE created.  The scripture says in Philippians 2:10-11 and Romans 14:11,  "Every knee shall bow, EVERY TONGUE confess that Jesus Christ is Lord." That means every man, every nation, every dialect.  God is the maker of the Heavens and the Earth. HE IS LORD OF IT ALL. He also made laws regarding the kidnapping of mankind.  It was ILLEGAL and worthy of death. " “ He who kidnaps a man and sells him , or if he is found in his hand, shall ... " Whoever kidnaps someone, either to sell him or to keep him as a slave , is to be put to death ...Exodus 21:16. The TYPE of slavery people are claiming is in the bible with full approval is NOT there folks! So

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