What Is it To Take The Lord's Name in Vain?

                                        "Thou Shalt Not Take The Lord's Name in Vain"....
Growing up, I thought this meant not to use God's name irreverently, like when using His name as an expletive. 
I'm sure that is included, but what we miss is that we can take the Lord's name in vain, by claiming Him as our Lord, and not obeying His word.
If we claim Christ, but do not represent Christ in our lives, we are taking His Name in Vain.

This gives a whole new perspective on this commandment.  God's Name is HOLY.  He is more holy than we could ever imagine, and we are more sinful than we understand ourselves to be.

I'm so thankful for our Savior, Jesus Christ, who represented the Father perfectly to us, and then died on the cross for OUR sins, not his own.  He had no sin.

Do you want to know how to Honor God's name and not take it in vain? 

Follow His Son.... Jesus.


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