My Barns Were Filled.....

Remember the story of the rich, foolish man who worked and filled his barns to overflowing and then decided he'd build bigger barns?  The Lord said that his life was accounted for him that day and he was foolish thinking he would save it all for himself.

There are good guidelines for us to be prepared for the future, for a "just in case moment", and then there are those who feel that all is up to them for their future and forget to trust God.

I have a tendency to "hoard" groceries and freeze food for safe keeping.  Sometimes it is a smart buy, sometimes it is out of insecurity, because of my life a long time ago when food was rather scarce.
I would say MOST of the time, it is the latter.

Well, I found some GREAT deals this late winter and early spring.  I have a deep freezer to keep things in, and it was stocked full of all kinds of meat.  GOOD meat! 
Over the weekend, something happened.  I went out to get something today for lunch and the door to the freezer was opened.  ALL of the meat, except for a very few things that were still surrounded by left over ice, was thawed and warm.  It was RUINED.

I instantly thought of the Story in Luke 12, and asked myself.... was all this in here because I was trusting God for our provision?  OR was it in there because I was insecure about how much food we had?

My heart WANTS to trust the Lord in all things, and while I was sick about losing so much, I am also thankful for the reminder that I need to trust in Christ for all provision.  It ALL comes from HIS hand.

I'm so thankful for a gentle savior who leads us and guides us, teaching us life lessons along the way.
"Follow Me"..... "Trust Me".....

He is our provider.


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