Mom, I'm Pregnant

The abortion rate among young ladies within the Church is quite high.  Now we all know that the church teaches that sex outside of the marriage covenant is considered sin.  That is what the bible teaches in both old and new testaments.

Sadly, many people, get caught up in relationships that go in a direction of sexual promiscuity before marriage and many times this can result in an unplanned pregnancy.

I fear, that the church, has forgotten that we are all sinners.  We are all guilty.  And sadly, for many young ladies, the thought of telling their parents that they are pregnant, or facing the church Sunday School, knowing you are pregnant is too much to bear.
So young ladies, out of fear, abort their babies secretly. 
This makes me so very sad, that a young person is willing to end the life of their baby rather than face the wrath of parents or humiliation within the church.

THIS SHOULD NOT BE!  Pregnancy is not the sin.  The baby is innocent in this.  Yet, we are so hard on young ladies who are pregnant. 

We NEED to get this right! 

If a young lady gets and abortion, we condemn her.  If a young lady keeps her baby we condemn her.

We need to have compassion and understanding.  These very vulnerable people need love and understanding as well as instruction.

I would be crushed if I felt my daughters or sons were more afraid to tell me they were pregnant, than they were to actually kill a baby in the womb.

If we TRULY believe that abortion is wrong and is ending the life of a human being, then we need to reconsider how we treat young ladies who find themselves pregnant. 

As a church, how can we come alongside and help them?  How can we offer love and compassion but not condone sin? 
The same way we should for any other sin! 
1. Recognize we are all sinners
2. Recognize that we have been forgiven much
3. Recognize that the BABY is an innocent BLESSING.
4. Recognize that a new mother who is unmarried is going to need help.
5. HELP.
Graciously HELP!
Graciously GIVE!
Graciously LOVE!

And welcome the new baby.  Acknowledge what a cute little one is now among you.  LOVE that little one like you would any other baby.

And if you are a mom reading this: PLEASE teach your daughters about the goodness of obedience to Christ, BUT.... if something were to happen, you want them to come and talk to you about it. You will ALWAYS love them, no matter what.


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