In The Hands of a Mighty Savior

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be completely alone?  I mean COMPLETELY alone! 
I have FELT alone before and it is quite a dismal experience! 
Sometimes we can begin to focus on things that are purely based upon our sorrows and forget that God, is with us in the midst of suffering and sadness. 

Many years ago, I felt so completely alone that I had hit a place that I would call "bottom".  Yes, I was a bottom dweller!  I could look up, but in my pain, there was nothing but blindness.  I felt I had been abandoned by all, including the Lord. 

In the midst of that turmoil, a "fleeting" thought of ending things popped into my mind.  Did you know that many times, these thoughts are but fleeting, and a phone call at just the right time can stop somebody from ending their despair?
I didn't get a phone call.  Instead, I  got some clarity of thought in a rather humorous way.
I had thought in my head we could end it all by laying in the back of the van, going to sleep and waking up in heaven.  The thing was, we were so poor, I knew we didn't have enough gas to finish the job and I would just have maimed us. 
Then, I started to laugh and cry and the thought of how deep in trouble I really was.  I reached out to the Lord, who was there the entire time, and asked for HIM to carry my burden. I repented of my myopic thoughts and dwelling selfishly in my circumstance.
It didn't change my situation at that moment, but my burden was lightened and I was no longer alone.
In fact, I was NEVER alone.   That was a lie in my mind and in my heart, that God didn't care for me anymore. 
False teachers can nearly destroy those who are not solidly grounded in scripture.  This is one of the reasons we MUST know the Word of God, the bible.  Not the twisted use of it, but the bible within proper context. 
That year, we moved into an apartment that the Lord graciously provided and I received my first STUDY bible.  There were notes to help explain the scripture. 
I found myself engrossed in the Word, and began once again, walking in faith more confidently.

It would be years before I understood FULLY that my salvation was not dependent upon ME, but on the mighty Savior who DIED FOR me.  He was for me and NOT against me!  I didn't have to try to KEEP my salvation, but HE holds me in HIS hands and has promised in His word that NOTHING can keep me from the Love of God.

In Romans 8:38-39 Paul writes and says:
"For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, 39 nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Isn't that a wonderful promise!!

If you are hanging on by a thread, overwhelmed, clawing to hold onto a cliff....
LET GO.  Let the Lord catch you and enter into HIS blessed rest.

He IS enough.


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